Andrea Carrillo

Certified Nurse Practitioner


Natalie Foster

Executive Assistant



I believe that cosmetic procedures such as Botox,  and Dermal Fillers should be a pleasant experience. After all, as a True Health client, you have decided to treat yourself to the most exceptional botox treatments and services around. I believe that results are more than just the finished product, True Health results begin from the moment you check in at my professional facility.

My Philosopy

Over the years, part of the True Health journey has been attributed to my philosophy to put my patients at ease. And that begins with over 10 years of experience.

I can confidently say that my minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are the best around, but don’t get the wrong impression, I understand that all of my clients have choices. I work hard to continue to earn your business. I pride myself in return clients.

best quality

Your Privacy

Your experience with True Health is not only professional, safe and result-driven, it is also discreet. Your privacy is a primary concern to True Health . In fact, my convenient facility offers a private entry to help ensure that your experience with me begins with a feeling of comfort.

Andrea's Accomplishments

Masters science of nursing

Advanced cosmetic injector




Protein Rich Plasma (PRP)



TNCC ( trauma nursing & critical care)

ENPC (emergency nursing pediatric care)

Advanced cardiac life support(ACLS)

Maltreatment of the elderly adult and child

OMI ( Office of the medical investigator)



When Natalie was  just 11 years old, she was introduced to a computer. She knew from that day forward, she found her passion and it has grown into a great career for her.

Technology is the key for advertising, expanding our clientele, creating professional relationships, and learning new ways of growing our business.

Natalie's goal for True Health is to help expand our clientele, streamline our services, bookings, and communication, and gain trust from our local community.