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Our health and vitality center will offer urgent care, primary care, DOT physicals and workman’s compensation.  For your physical and mental wellness, True offers hormone replacement therapy, human growth hormone therapy, IV vitamin therapy,

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Primary Care-Objective


In the primary care setting true will help our patients to achieve their highest functional ability through education and self care.  While treating and educating patients regarding their disease process such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, copd, afib, asthma, and hyperlipidemia just to name a few.  True will also be fully prepared to perform your annual well visits and physicals.

Urgent Care-Objective


True’s urgent care is affordable, reliable, friendly, and immediate.  Our Urgent care staff is ready for all your primary and acute problems. For those inflicted with high premiums, deductibles and out of pocket costs; our Urgent Care facility is without a doubt the most competitive health care facility in the Carlsbad area. Greeting you with a smile is on the list of priorities as we are ready to care for your loved one.


“And with more patients paying out-of-pocket for healthcare services, more are turning to urgent care because costs are lower, says Park” (Alkon, 2018).

  • X-ray ready facility

  • Sutures

  • Injuries/Trauma

  • Asthma Patients

  • Mild Burns

  • Dehydration

  • Allergic Reactions/non-anaphylactic

  • Cysts/Abscess

  • Cellulitis

  • Infections

  • Splinting

Hormone Replacement Therapy


Hormone replacement therapy which consists of pellets, our expert staff has over 8 years of combined hormone replacement history.  Our staff is trained to replace hormones via pellets, injection, pills, sublingual tablets or creams.  We also have ways of helping hormones via iv vitamin therapy.

  • Testosterone

  • Thyroid replacement

  • Progesterone

  • Estrogen

  • Pellet

  • Injection

  • Creams

  • Pills

  • IV therapy

DOT Physicals

True will provide your company with the appropriate protocols and specifications necessary to return your employee to work.  Because we believe compliance is crucial we use random pools that meet DOT regulations as well as Non-DOT requirements. Other compliance services include:

  • Compliance

  • Random Pools that meet DOT Regulations and Non-DOT Requirements

  • Drug & Alcohol Policies

  • NCMS Compliance

  • Enrollment Audits

  • Bi-annual Statistical Reporting

  • Update Audits

  • Company Spot Checks

Workman's Compensation

Whether involved in an Auto Accident,  slip-and-fall, or work-related accident, choosing the right provider is probably the most important decision to make.


One thing for certain is that you should not wait to see a doctor. Often it is an inconvenience and that is why we want to help resolve that issue. 


Although first instinct might be to see your primary care physician (PCP), it may not be the best option, here is why – most PCPs do not have enough experience treating accident-related injuries and may not accept medical liens, no-fault, or workers’ compensation insurance. My experience as an ER nurse and provider have allowed me to gain knowledge regarding injuries, how they should be treated and what procedures to follow there after. 


Our lab is CLIA certified as moderately complex, which allows us to provide a wide variety of testing on-site. In most cases we will have results to your provider within 48 hours.

Lab costs can be high. We have the lowest prices in the area. Below are the most common tests ordered as well as the prices.

*Self-pay patients receive a 25% discount for full payment at the time of service.

Lab Test  Cost

  • Complete Blood Count  $40

  • Complete Metabolic Panel  $65

  • Lipid Panel  $65

  • Hepatitis Panel (A, B, and C)  $200

  • TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)  $55

  • PSA (Prostate Cancer Screen)  $75

  • Hemoglobin A1C  $35

  • PT (Prothrombin Time)  $40

  • UA (Urinalysis)  $30

  • Urine Pregnancy Test  $30

  • Influenza A/B Assay  $110

  • Strep Assay  $55

  • Venipuncture  $18

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Before/After Botox
Before/After Botox

Before/After Botox

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