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Pain Free Laser Hair Reduction

This isn’t your normal laser hair reduction system. State of the art laser that treats all the skin types comfortable. Use all summer, even on tanned skin! Laser hair reduction will effectively remove around 80-90% of hair.


At True Health we meet many people fed up, frustrated and feeling like they’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to hair growth. For some, it’s worse than that. But there are solutions out there, and at True Health we’ve worked hard to find the best ones, so you don’t have to.


Like laser hair removal – a safe, pain-free, permanent technique for reducing unwanted facial and body hair. It’s an ideal way for men and women with dark hair to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin and feel more confident about their appearance. Laser hair removal also means you can say goodbye to those waxing appointments every four to six weeks!


You can book a consultation for laser hair removal, using our form below or contact us directly via phone or email.


Laser Pricing:

*All series include 8 sessions. More or less sessions may be needed as each individual is unique.*


Small Treatment Areas


Upper Lip- $75, $525 for series

Chin - $75, $525 for series

Areola – $75, $525 for series

Eyebrow Shaping - $100, $700 for series

Neck or neckline - $150, $1050 for series

Lower Arms (Includes elbow) - $150, $1050 for series

Under Arms - $150, $1050 for series

‘Modern’ Bikini Line - $150, $1050 for series (female clients only)

Happy Trail - $150, $1050 for series


Medium Treatment Areas


Full Face - $150, $1050 for series

Brazilian - $200, $1400 for series (female clients only)

Forearms - $250, $1750 for series

Lower Leg (includes knee cap) - $250, $1750 for series

Upper Leg - $250, $1750 for series

Full Neck (front to back) - $250, $1750 for series


Large Treatment Areas


Full Head - $200, $1400 for series

Full Arms - $275, $1925 for series

Chest - $300, $2150 for series

Back - $350, $2500 for series

Full Legs - $400, $2800

Butt Cheeks - $300, $3150 for series (female clients only)



*Clients must shave full area prior to treatment (night before or morning of) - if not shaved there will be an additional charge of $100.

*No waxing or plucking hairs during duration of laser hair reduction series. Clients must stop waxing 4 weeks prior to first appointment.

*6-12 weeks in between appointments depending on area.

*Clients must stop using retinol for 5 days prior to any face laser.

*Clients must stop using self-tanner 3 days prior to laser hair appointment.

*No spray tans at least 1 week prior to laser hair appointment.


*CANNOT TREAT ANY ZONE IF ON ACCUTANE, PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING.* Must have completed use of Accutane for 6 months before beginning treatment. It is ideal to wait 3 months post-pregnancy or post-breastfeeding to start your laser hair reduction treatments once hormone levels have normalized.


*After completing a series of treatments, any future maintenance sessions are full price.*

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