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*Book for Botox or Dysport for any wrinkle relaxer procedure listed*

Forehead Lines (6-20 units)

Horizontal forehead lines that appear when eyebrows are raised. 

Frown Lines (10-25 units)

Wrinkles between your eyebrows, visible when furrowing the eyebrows/concentrating. 

Crow's Feet (8-30 units) 

Wrinkles that show around the eyes when smiling.

Bunny Lines (4-12 units)

Wrinkles that appear when scrunching your nose. 

Brow Lift (4-10 units) 

Open up tired looking eyes, making them look brighter.

Lip Flip/Lip Lines (4-8 units)

Soften wrinkles around the mouth and/or reduce a gummy smile.

Dimpled Chin (6-10 units)

Uneven skin texture and/or dimples on the chin that appear with facial expressions or when talking.

Neck/Jawline (20-50 units)

Smooth and tighten the loose skin on the neck and jawline.

Hyperhidrosis (Sweating) (40-100 units)

Injecting Botox/Dysport near the overactive sweat glands, decreasing/preventing perspiration.  Can be done in hands, feet, armpits, or anywhere else sweating is a concern. 

Masseter (TMJ/Facial Slimming) (20-50 units)

Treat TMJ, teeth grinding, and/or clenching with Botox/Dysport. Can also slim down your face to get that desired “heart-shaped” face.

Headache/Migraine (30-150 units)

Reduce muscle tension and tightness by treating specific areas of the face, scalp, and neck. 

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