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Kybella® and Body Sculpting

KYBELLA®/Body Sculpt


KYBELLA® is a unique FDA-approved treatment specifically designed to dissolve and eliminate those stubborn fat cells that diet and exercise alone can't address.


This treatment is made from deoxycholic acid. We already have this acid in our bodies to help absorb and break down fat.


Administered in just a few minutes, KYBELLA® injections works their magic, targeting troublesome fat pockets, especially under the chin, redefining your jawline, neck, face, abdomen and various other targeted areas.


Ideal for individuals targeting localized, stubborn fat deposits on the face or body, KYBELLA® provides a safe and effective alternative non-surgical procedure.


Results are satisfying and long-lasting; once fat cells are treated, they are gone forever. Experience a more confident you, without lengthy downtime or surgical complications.


Noticeable results are visible in 60-90 days. Bruising and swelling is common. Give yourself a minimum of 6-8 weeks before any events/vacations.


Patients should expect tenderness and swelling for 2 weeks and will see the fat disappear gradually in the weeks/months to follow. With any treatment, a series of sessions may be required.

Our beautiful patient received 2 separate rounds of injections of Kybella to eliminate the “double chin”. Kybella is a safe, permanent, nonsurgical means to improve the appearance of submental neck or “double chin.” After photos are 2 months after the second round of injections.




Double Chin *Starting at $800

Placed under the chin to permanently destroy fat cells and get rid of your double chin for good!


Jowls *Starting at $800

Helps to thin the face and improve facial shape. Jowls and double chin can be treated together.


Stomach *Starting at $1200

Reduce stubborn fat in various areas of your abdomen.


Back Fat/Love Handles *Starting at $1200

Create an hourglass shape by reducing back fat and thinning the waist by reducing love handles.


Bra Bulge *Starting at $800

Fat pockets that hang out of your bra by your armpits. Bra Bulge is most noticeable in tank tops and strapless clothing.


Inner Thighs *Starting at $1000

Get that thigh gap and slimmer looking legs.


Banana Rolls *Starting at $800

The banana roll is a banana shaped pocket of fat under your buttocks.



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